Are you wasting too much time with tons of unqualified job applications?
Let us help you hire the right candidate easily and more efficiently.

Speed up your recruitment process and communicate with your candidates instantly and automatically via SMS, any time of the day! This helps you to efficiently determine who the suitable candidates are, even before you take a look at their application.
Never miss out on a qualified candidate again!

Saves Processing Time
Our SMS24/7 Auto-Handling System automates your screening process 24/7.
You will no longer need to handle unqualified phone calls and resumes.
Optimize Recruitment Flow
Are you still asking basic questions such as "Are you Singaporean" by yourself?
Let us handle it. We'll even organize the applications for you, automatically.
Applicants Can Apply With Just Their Phone
Applying for a job has never been easier.
A candidate can apply via our system any time, anywhere, and even without internet connection starting with just a call or SMS.


Hiring made easier, in just a few simple steps
Publish your ads
SMS24/7 will provide a unique phone number for you to place in your advertisements.

Simply include it in your artwork design and publish your advertisement/s in the channels of your choice, be it newspapers, online, or even at your shop front.
Candidates apply
Candidates will send a SMS or call the SMS24/7 Hiring Number on the ad even if they do not have internet connection.

Our system will automatically respond with a series of questions to determine the suitability of the candidate.
Receive applications
When there is a suitable candidate who has responded, our system will automatically forward the candidates' information to your designated phone number or email in real-time.
Confirm the interview details with the candidate and you are on your way to another hire!


Redirect your time to productive activities
Recruiters spend too much time on lower priority tasks, neglecting the time needed to conduct effective and thorough intervews.
Most of the mundane tasks are now automated. Recruiters are now able to prioritize 80% of their time to conduct quality interviews!

Recruitment Professionals have reduced processing time and gone on to
hire more by focusing on productive activities such as conducting interviews.

Spend more time with the right candidate

Categorize applications and follow up with the most eligible candidates first.

Hire more staff

Our clients usually hire more within just one month.


The team at SMS24/7 has worked with over 200 companies, especially in the F&B and Retail industries, to hire more efficiently and effectively. You may have seen our recruitment campaigns with these companies.




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