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It was reported in the Straits Times that the jobs to ratio in Singapore is still above 1 (i.e. more jobs than jobseekers), but why is it that the positions are still vacant?
We can think of 3 possible reasons:
1. The Jobseekers do not match the Job Criteria (e.g. lack of skills)
This is what we tend to think and hence constantly go for upgrading courses.
Fortunately, there is no shortage of training possibilities in Singapore and grants to utilize for them.
We can probably help ourselves by searching around for sources/consultation before taking up a course.
2. The Job Conditions do not match the Jobseekers’ Demands.
Sometimes, it is just too difficult to make the perceived “step down”.
Try considering on how this could be a new start instead of hanging on to the higher paycheck in the past, because the longer the blank period, the more likely your skills may become obsolete. THAT’S what is going to give you a permanent “step down”.
3. The Conditions, Criteria and Demands match, but the hiring process is inefficient.
In Romance of the 3 Kingdoms terms, they would describe this as 万事俱备,只欠东风 (All preparations are done, and we are only lacking the east-blowing wind)
In this situation, we could think of how to optimize the hiring process, possibly:
  • Automate the cumbersome and mundane processes.
  • Before asking for a resume, identify the key criteria and enable the candidates to qualify themselves so that recruiters can focus their efforts on best-fit candidates.
  • This will allow recruiters to interview more candidates with less time spent on sieving through the applications.
  • At the same time, with a fast response (within 5 minutes), a candidate will know if he should move on to the next application with another company.
We call this HPO (Hiring Process Optimization), and we have been automating all sorts of processes for companies across industries for years.
If you are finding it difficult to hire, these 3 points may just explain why.
And if you think you’re in Situation 3, let’s meet.
We may find a solution together.
To contact us:
Phone: 64381030
SMS: Send to 9106 4010 in the following format
Name, Company Name, end with the word <Enquiry>
e.g. Tom Tan, ABC Pte Ltd, Enquiry


Reference for Job-to-Jobseekers Ratio adapted from:

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