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2 reasons why you cannot get job applicants


Though you post job ads, nobody response it.

In interviewing clients about their issues, we found that many companies are having difficulty in acquiring applicants.

In this article, we would like to share two reasons common to many companies for not getting applications. Please check to see if your company falls into these problems.

Why no applicants come to you?

1. Your job information is not delivered to your target

One common problem is that the choice of media is not proper.
Aren't you using newspaper ads to hire young part-timers, or web media to hire middle-aged full-timers?
In general, print media is more likely to reach middle-aged people, while web media is more likely to reach young people. Also, If the work location is a specific place, it is often more efficient to post posters in front of stores or at bus stops than to use web media.

2. Your job information doesn't get your target hooked

Are your job postings appealing to your target? Do you emphasize the points that your target is particularly interested in, such as salary, location, working hours, and benefits? Also, have you checked your competitors' job postings and differentiated yourself from them?
By doing these things correctly, your job posting will be more attractive to your target.


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