Benefits of introducing online job interview

Benefits of Introducing Online Job Interviewing

After COVID-19, more people want to stay out as much as possible. In response to this trend, some companies are introducing online job interviews. What impact will this have on the hiring? More than half choose online job interviews In … Read More

2 reasons why you cannot get job applicants

2 reasons why you cannot get job applicants

Though you post job ads, nobody response it. In interviewing clients about their issues, we found that many companies are having difficulty in acquiring applicants. In this article, we would like to share two reasons common to many companies for … Read More

full timer part timer

Hire Part-timer? Full-timer?

Part-time or full-time? Which type of worker do you want to hire? The trend among our clients is that more and more companies are looking to hire full-time workers. As we work together to develop a hiring plan based on … Read More

cost per hire with SMS24/7

Cost Per Hire with SMS24/7

*This article was originally published on 1 October, 2015, and has been edited and republished. What is Cost Per Hire? The cost per hire (CPH) is a hiring metric that is the total amount of money invested divided by the … Read More