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5 tips of blue-collar worker recruiting


Tips for successful recruitment


After COVID-19, we often hear from our clients that it has become more difficult to recruit workers in Singapore.
In addition to COVID-19, the recruitment environment is constantly changing due to various factors, and companies need to update their recruitment strategy accordingly.
On the other hand, there are some general and basic tips.
We will share our knowledge on these in five points.

We hope this will be useful to you.


POINT 1  Understand the Market

As shown in the table, the population of the potential worker segment has declined by 6.7% in the five years since 2015. This represents just under 30% of the labor market, a very small percentage.

When hiring workers, please keep the fact in your mind that your target segment is very small.


POINT 2  Understand your Target

Let's assume that you want to hire a Singaporean kitchen crew member who want to work full-time.

According to our historical data, the percentage of Singaporean applicants among all is about 20%. Out of that, approximately 20% of the applicants want to work full-time. Furthermore, the percentage of people who want to work as kitchen crew is about 20%, which means that out of 100 people, the number of people who meet the requirements is theoretically about 1 person.

With this fact in mind, it is essential to get as many applicants as possible


POINT 3  Choose ad media that suits your target

Let's take the case of using newspaper ads as an example.

As you can see from the table, the number of subscribers varies greatly from one newspaper to another. The average income of the readers also varies as well. The print media are generally well read by the older generation, but surprisingly, some of them are also read by the relatively younger generation.

Think carefully about which media will effectively deliver your job information to your target audience.
You can also combine multiple media to deliver information to a wider target audience.


POINT 4  Create strategic ad placement schedule

Once you have decided on ad media, let's determine a schedule for placing your ad.

Here is a comparison of two ads per week using a large ad space and a daily ad using a small ad space.
We don't know in advance how many people will see the ad, even if we can predict to some extent when and how many people will see it.
It is possible that many people will see your ad on the day you happen to place a large ad, but of course the opposite is also true.
In order to increase the effectiveness of your ad consistently, one of the tactics you can use is to spend your budget evenly and give it as much continuous exposure as possible.


POINT 5  Optimize hiring process

Even if you get an applicant once, there are many cases where they drop out during the process and do not make it to the interview. There are also many so-called no-shows where no candidate shows up on the day of the interview.
In order to ensure that as many applicants as possible reach the interview stage, it is important to optimize the hiring process by following-up appropriately such as responding immediately to candidate inquiries and sending reminders on the day of the interview.


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