F&B company got many applicants

An F&B company got 250% more applicants

Good morning. The wet Monday doesn’t dampen our mood!
Remember the SECRET campaign we ran some time back? We thought this is some information all companies MUST know.

An F&B company received 250% more applications than usual

Of the 15 companies that participated (yes, spaces were limited for that campaign and we’re sorry to have disappointed some…), we received nearly 1000 unique applications in just ONE WEEK. Compare that to what a large F&B group shared with us (100 in a MONTH), and that’s almost 250% more results than usual.

What’s more incredible: 38% of all applications came OUTSIDE of office hours. Think before work, lunch time, after work. Imagine if it’d included meetings and breaks. That means our services helped 50% of all interested applicants have their applications considered.

No wonder companies used to tell us that they could not hire Singaporeans.

It is a myth that no Singaporean wants to work for an F&B companies

Friends, it is a myth that Singaporeans do not want to work in F&B companies. It is often about finding the right tool, right channel, and applying the right methods. Don’t think about what may be right, ask us. We have already done it right.

Contact us if your company is looking to hire more people.
We know how to.

PS We’ve been urged to share tips on how to increase the success chances of a job application. This might be coming soon in the next post…or to a media near you…


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