How much cost to hire per person with SMS247?

The Secret Is Out – Cost Per Hire with SMS24/7 REVEALED

How Much Does It Cost To Hire One Staff With SMS24/7’s Services?

The most important statistic to a hiring officer is the Cost Per Hire.
Recently, we have faced this question quite frequently, so we have compiled a few examples to share:

(But we can’t name the companies due to our privacy agreement)

Example 1
Campaign Cost: $1,236
Campaign Duration: 7 days
Media: Straits Times, The New Paper, SMS-directed Website
Total Hires: 8
Cost per Hire: $154.50

Example 2
Campaign Cost: $447
Campaign Duration: 7 days
Media: Straits Times, SMS-directed Website
Total Hires: 8
Cost per hire: $55.875

Example 3
Campaign Cost: $500
Campaign Duration: 28 days
Media: Posters
Total Hires: 10
Cost per hire: $50.00

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?
There are a few hits and misses here and there – we will never insist that we are perfect – and what’s important to note is How These Companies Hired At Such Low Cost Per Hires.

The secret lies in our RPF formula.

1. REACH out to your applicants via the Correct Media. It could be the newspapers (If so, which one? Let US advise!), posters, online ads, word of mouth…etc.

2. PROCESS applications more efficiently. Our system helps HR teams do that.

3. FOLLOW UP diligently. Typically, our successful customers contact their candidates within a day and hire within 3 days. With a tight labor market, speed is of the essence.


Would you like to find out how you can hire at such low costs too?
We will be sharing these juicy secrets in our next few posts…
Or if you can’t wait, contact us to arrange for a consultation session.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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