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For years, HR recruiters have been expected to work like a Superhero with HR Superpowers.

These HR superpowers include:
– Answering phone calls 24/7
– Replying to applicants and enquiries 24/7
– Plan and execute recruitment campaigns
– Consolidate applications across various medias
– Filter through mountains of applications
– Conduct interviews
– Attend review meetings for recruitment matters
– Attend review meetings for OTHER HR matters

On top of these, they also need to have meals and enjoy private time like all other humans do.

So do you get superpowers?

Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider (and we certainly don’t recommend you get bitten), but he gained the ability to “fly” by shooting webs and swinging from place to place.

Similarly, you can unleash your superpowers by using tools smartly.

We at SMS24/7 have been empowering HR recruiters by automating most of the functions such that they can focus on conducting interviews.

By becoming a fully charged HR Superhero, our clients have achieved feats like achieving the annual hiring KPI with 4 months to spare, and some have even managed to hire up to 58 Singaporeans in just ONE MONTH when their competitors are crying to hire even one.

If you want to become a HR Superhero, sign up for our upcoming seminars.

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