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Is it difficult to recruit during the holiday season? It’s the festive season and there are 3 common observations regarding hiring activities: Some are great hirers – They make great hiring plans and have no problems attracting job-seekers. Some try to … Read More


Help! Services Sector wants to hire, but where are the people?

Services (especially food and labour) are expected to stay labour-reliant and intend to hire 3% more while almost EVERY other industries are planning to reduce their hiring outlook by up to 15%. Yesterday’s Straits Times. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/economy/nearly-3-in-4-singapore-employers-have-zero-plans-to-hire-more-staff-in-q4-survey Where can I find … Read More

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How A Local Company Hired Almost 60 Singaporeans in ONE Month

We have helped many companies hit new hiring milestones, mostly across the F&B, Retail and Hospitality industries. Recently, we have successfully helped a company from the Transport Industry to hire almost 60 Singaporean candidates in just one month. This shows … Read MoreRead More

SMS anytime & anywhere

Solving the mystery of Mobile Hiring – How to hire Singaporeans in Singapore

The Key Is Going Mobile It Isn’t About Internet VS SMS. ———– How many times have you checked your phone today? Mobile is the most popular platform, and a mobile phone is also the closest object to a person nowadays. … Read More

How much cost to hire per person with SMS247?

The Secret Is Out – Cost Per Hire with SMS24/7 REVEALED

How Much Does It Cost To Hire One Staff With SMS24/7’s Services? The most important statistic to a hiring officer is the Cost Per Hire. Recently, we have faced this question quite frequently, so we have compiled a few examples … Read More


SMS24/7 now supporting hiring of Retail and Hospitality jobs too

The industry of companies using SMS 24/7 is expanding Over the past few months, we have been expanding our portfolio to include companies from more industries, notably 7-Eleven, Challenger and Mandarin Orchard. Till date, our clients have typically been from the … Read More

F&B company got many applicants

An F&B company got 250% more applicants

Good morning. The wet Monday doesn’t dampen our mood! Remember the SECRET campaign we ran some time back? We thought this is some information all companies MUST know. An F&B company received 250% more applications than usual Of the 15 … Read More