What Can We Do About No-Shows for interviews?

Bad News: There is no way to avoid candidates standing you up. Good News: You can reduce the occurrence and displeasure. It can rarely be more frustrating than this scenario: When you have squeezed out whatever little time you have … Read More

Getting Your Priorities Right – How A Local Company Hired Almost 60 Singaporeans in ONE Month

We have helped many companies hit new hiring milestones, mostly across the F&B, Retail and Hospitality industries. Recently, we have successfully helped a company from the Transport Industry to hire almost 60 Singaporean candidates in just one month. This shows … Read MoreRead More

Mobile Recruitment for Blue Collar Workers

We have been helping thousands of Singaporeans get real job opportunities over these years with our complex hiring recipe. The key ingredient is Mobile Recruitment. In this workshop, our Director, Loke, will play chef and reveal how we make blue … Read More

Solving the mystery of Mobile Hiring – How to hire Singaporeans in Singapore

It Isn’t About Internet VS SMS. The Key Is Going Mobile. ———– How many times have you checked your phone today? Mobile is the most popular platform, and a mobile phone is also the closest object to a person nowadays. … Read More

Wednesday Jobs

Our service was featured in today’s The Straits Times!


Wishing everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love from all at SMS24/7

Season’s Greetings!!

Season’s Greetings and a box of sweets from our partner Singapore Press Holdings have arrived! Thanks SPH!

Remember the SECRET campaign we ran some time back?

Good morning. The wet Monday doesn’t dampen our mood! Remember the SECRET campaign we ran some time back? We thought this is some information all companies MUST know. Of the 15 companies that participated (yes, spaces were limited for that … Read More