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How A Local Company Hired Almost 60 Singaporeans in ONE Month


We have helped many companies hit new hiring milestones, mostly across the F&B, Retail and Hospitality industries.

Recently, we have successfully helped a company from the Transport Industry to hire almost 60 Singaporean candidates in just one month.
This shows that our RPF Hiring Formula empowered by our SMS-Based Auto-Response System works across industries.
(We shared this in our last seminar conducted on 19th Feb 2016, but if you've missed it and would like to know it in greater detail, let us know)

I'm going to reveal how we did it in this post, and I hope it will be beneficial to our readers.

How our customer in transport industry hired almost 60 Singaporeans in just one month?


After consultation with our client, we designed the hiring process as follows:

  1. Select effective medias according to their budget, in this case, the Straits Times and posters at their outlets.
  2. Customize the Auto-Response Flow according to our client's requirements.
  3. Send invitations to a walk-in interview to qualified candidates who meet the basic requirements.
  4. Send reminders to candidates who have confirmed their attendance for the interview.
  5. Inform candidates who could not turn up for the interview separately.

Doesn't this sound very simple?

In fact, almost anyone can do it...IF you are only receiving a very small number of applications and committed to follow up with each case diligently.
But at the end of the day, everyone wants to have a choice.
Or if you are like our client, they simply need to hire more than a few candidates.

This is where the dilemma sets in:

Would you...
"Attract more candidates and Compromise on the quality of the follow up"
"Attract less candidates and Maintain the high quality of the follow up"?

We offer the third option by automating steps 2-5 above.
The Result: Attract more candidates and Maintain the high quality of the follow up so that more qualified candidates will ATTEND the interview.


If you're not already at least following this flow, you know what you're missing out on.
And if you would like to discuss further (we do offer other functions to optimize the hiring flow through selective automation), or for a FREE Consultation/Demonstration, let us know from below.

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