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How to avoid mismatch in your job requirements?


Advertise the job, get the applications, follow up with the applicants, and finally go on the interview.

It is only in the interview that you realize the candidate does not meet your job requirements. All the time and effort you and your candidate have put into this will have been wasted.

What can we do to prevent this worst-case scenario?

The first thing you should do is to correctly describe the job requirements in your advertisement and other materials. If there are many conditions and it is difficult to list them all, excerpt some of the critical ones.
But unfortunately, this is not enough.

You should directly check with the candidates whether they are qualified or not when they apply

This is because not everyone reads and understands everything written in your ad before applying.
The only way to avoid having an unqualified candidate come in for an interview is to check with them directly.

Some job sites allow you to set up a few questions on the application to check if the candidate meets the requisition requirements.
Another possible way is to ask the same questions via phone or email.

Some people are concerned that asking candidates too many questions during the application process will cause them to lose patience during the process.
While this may be true in some cases, the best time to ask candidates questions is during the application process when their interest in the job is at its highest. Hesitating to ask questions at this time will not save you any wasted time and effort, and you will miss out on more opportunities if you ask them later.

SMS24/7 will ask candidates about qualification and screen them automatically

Our system asks a few questions when candidates apply to make sure they meet the qualification criteria. We then screen them based on their answers and direct only the qualified candidates to the next step. This eliminates a lot of potential waste and supports efficient hiring.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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