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How to make effective recruitment poster?


Do you create posters to advertise jobs when you recruit?

Posters have the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere. For example, if you put a job poster in the front of your store, customers who like your store may want to apply for a job when they see it. Also, if those people are actually hired, they may work for a long time with royalty because they are working in a store that they love.

Job posters not only bring the opportunity to attract more candidates, but can also lead to better candidates!

In addition, posters are superior in that they can appeal to localized candidates. They are very effective when you want to recruit in a limited area, such as for a new store opening.


3 steps to create recruitment poster


STEP 1.Define your target persona

The first step is to define the persona of your target.

Without this step, you will not be able to determine the appropriate job requirements for your target. Having a clear persona is also very important in determining the design of the poster and where it will be placed.


STEP 2.Post appropriate information on poster

Once you have a clear idea of your target, pick the appropriate information to include on your poster.

It is important to keep in mind that people who see posters generally do not stay in front of them long enough to read the content.

Therefore, you should include enough information to attract the candidate's attention while avoiding too much information.

In general, the following items are considered essential.

1: Job title

2: Salary condition

3: Working condition(working hour)

4: Benefit

5: Working location

6: Contact


In addition, it is recommended to include information that may attract candidates, such as photos that show the atmosphere of the workplace, information that you want to emphasize, such as "new open," and incentives, such as salary increases.


STEP 3.Post in the appropriate place

As mentioned in Introduction, it is useful to post a job ad poster in a prominent place in your store. If a fan of your store applies for the job, he or she will be a very strong candidate.

Advertising space in public transportation facilities such as train stations and bus stops that are convenient for access to your store can also be an effective place to post your ad.


Weak points of poster

If created properly and operated correctly, job ad posters can be a very effective tool.

However, posters also have the following weaknesses.

- Unable to cover a large area

- Not suitable for including a lot of information

- Not suitable for short-term effects


With these weaknesses in mind, you can use other media such as job information sites in combination, especially when you are planning to hire a large number of people.


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