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How to reduce "interview no-show"?


Have you ever faced an "interview no-show"?
It's probably a problem that most companies have.

Many of our clients also have the same problem, and it has become bigger after COVID-19.
How can we reduce this annoying problem and hire more efficiently?

In this article, we will share the reasons for the problem and tips on how to address it.

There are three main causes of no-shows

1. Candidates are applying for multiple jobs at the same time

Job seekers can easily obtain jobs information that suit them by entering their desired criteria on job search websites. And if they like the job, they can apply for it easily.
Furthermore, other jobs that match their requirements will be introduced on the job search websites and they will be encouraged to apply for them as well.
As a result, job seekers will apply for multiple jobs at the same time.
If the job seeker gets another job before the interview date of your job, he/she will not show up for the interview.

2. The interview venue is in an inconvenient location

There are a certain number of job seekers who suddenly change their mind and don't show up for an interview.
Even the most trivial of reasons, such as rain or boredom, can be enough to make them change their mind.
If the interview location is far from the candidate's home or the transportation is not convenient for them, it is even easier to change their mind.

3. Candidates miss your emails and phone calls

In recent years, we receive a huge number of e-mails every day, and it is said that we often do not open or overlook them.
In addition, more and more people do not pick up phone calls from unknown numbers in order to avoid annoying sales calls.
If you are trying to reach job seekers through these channels, it will not work well. In other words, you may not even be able to contact them to remind them of interview dates or venues by e-mail or phone call.

How to address these issues?

1. Speed up the hiring process

It is important to hire faster than your competitors, assuming that the candidate is also applying for other jobs.
Respond to applications immediately, schedule interviews, conduct interviews, and hire faster than your competitors.

2. Increase options of interview sites

The more options you have for interview venues, the more convenient it will be for candidates. Also, since more and more people want to minimize human contact after COVID-19, introducing online interviews is another effective measure.

3. Contact candidates through the appropriate channel

Compared to e-mail, text messages have a much higher open and reply rate.
By using message apps or SMS to contact candidates, you can deliver important information to them and reduce no-shows.


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