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"Persona" is useful in hiring?


Are you familiar with a "persona"?
A persona is a fictional image of a person, often used in marketing, that represents a distinct group of users who might use your service.
This concept is also very useful in recruiting.

In this article, we will explain how to utilize it.


For successful recruitment, it is necessary to have a clear image of the target person and then to understand that person correctly.
Without this, there will be mismatching of talents and even failure to deliver your job information to the target.

5 Steps in setting up a persona

1. Determine the job requirements

Extract the required skills and experience. Then, separate the essential requirements from the non-essential ones. Gathering these information prior to conducting the interview will help you avoid wasting time.

2. Create your persona

Create a persona that fits the criteria you determined in 1. The trick is to create a more specific persona image by referring to the following items.

  • Basic information (age, gender, place of residence, etc.)
  • Current occupation
  • Current annual income
  • Educational background
  • Personality (values, thoughts)
  • Lifestyle (how to spend holidays, etc.)
  • Relationships (married or single, presence of children, family structure)
  • Hobbies

3. Adjust persona image

Ask target's supervisor or other employees to confirm the persona image in 2. This will improve the accuracy of the persona image and prevent mismatching.

4. Pick out points that are attractive to the target

What people find attractive differs from person to person. Pick the strengths of your company that are suitable for appeal to your target. Please refer to the following points

  • Salaries and raises
  • Working hours
  • Work location
  • Benefits and training programs
  • Preferential treatment for experience and qualifications
  • Human relations and corporate culture

5. Deliver job information to the target

Depending on a person's lifestyle and age, there are different media that can deliver information.
Choose the media that best suits the persona you have set, and deliver your job information efficiently.


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