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"One-Stop Hiring" is a recruiting support service that handles everything from creating a career webpage to obtaining applicants.
Job ads are placed on posters, web media, and up to 8 media!
Hiring can be done with minimal cost and effort.
In addition, all applicant information is immediately reported to you via email, making your recruiting process more efficient.

Are you only relying on active job seekers?

2 types of job seekers

There are two types of job seekers: Active job seekers and Passive job seekers.
Active job seekers are actively looking for new job and come to you to apply for jobs. In contrast, passive job seekers aren’t actively looking for job. You’ve got to go out and find them. When you do, they may need convincing that your company has a better opportunity.

Active job seekers market is “Red Ocean”

In the recruitment market, the majority of people are not looking for job. As much as 70% of the workforce consists of passive job seekers who are not actively looking for job.

However, many companies are targeting active job seekers. It is truly a red ocean market. In contrast, very few companies target the passive job seekers.

Incorporating a focus on passive job seekers may be the key to successful recruiting.

Why not target the potential job seekers market?

Recruiting active and passive job seekers requires different strategies.

The strategy for finding active job seekers is to send out your message widely on job board. Then candidates who are interested in your work will come to you because they eager to find job information. It's that simple.

With passive job seekers, on the other hand, you need to use a combination of all channels to get their attention, keep them interested, and get the application process right. They will not come to you unless you reach them properly. This can be a very complicated process.

What We do

We follow the recruitment funnel and maintain the appropriate channels on your behalf to help passive job seekers come to you smoothly.

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Deliver job info
more clearly
Effectively communicate the appeal of your work to job seekers using photos and videos
Reach More People
Deliver information to a large number of job seekers through all types of analog and digital media
Manage candidates
Immediately report candidates' information to you via email

Client Voices

Our hiring plan was very tight, with nine people to be hired in two months for the new store opening after CNY.  Your service exceeded our expectations and as a result, we were able to successfully achieve our goal.  Our group company has also implemented your service and is now hiring people smoothly.

Mr. Yuji Akabane
We were looking for both full time and part time staff.
Within 1 week, we managed to hire 8 with SMS24/7’s system.

HR Manager
We never thought we would get so many Singaporean applications.



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