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The Talent Sourcing Platform

The Talent Sourcing Platform

Scout me!
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Scout me! is a candicate souring platform service that solves your issue in recruitment.

Issue 1


Many applicants who don’t meet your criteria
Prevent mismatches by qualification check

Issue 2

Shortage of applicants

Job portals unable to source candidates
Search for talent on our own instead of advertising and waiting for applicants

What is “Scout me!”?

Scout me! is a talent sourcing platform allowing you send interview offers to candidates based on personal profiles with detailed information.

Features of "Scout me!"


Detailed profile

Information on nationality, age, gender, job experience etc. available

Active candidates

Only candidates within 28 days of registration are on the list

F&B specialized

Only job seekers who want to work in F&B industry on the list

Wide range of candidates

SMS-based system allows you to reach a wide range of candidates


Initial fee


Service fee

*Offer acceptance by candidates who meet the criteria
*Contingency fee


What information is available about candidate?

Nationality, gender, age, work location, job position, experience and salary expectation.

Is there any contingency fee?

No, there is no contingency fee.
Only initial fee and service fee will be costed.

Is there a cost for job seekers to use this service?

No, there is no cost for job seekers.

What will be the minimum contract period required to commit?

There is no minimum contract period.
You can stop and resume using service any time you need.

How do you source job seekers?

We encourage job seekers to register for our service primarily through bus stop ads and SNS ads.
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