On 16 Jan 2015, we conducted the Gallop Seminar at SPH. Despite being an invitation-only event, we were pleasantly amazed to welcome over 20 HR professionals from famous organizations such as Marina Bay Sands, Harvey Norman and Burger King to our event.


After SPH’s Michael kick-started the event with an introductory speech, the main speaker of the day, Qian Li from our team took over to share the insights gleaned over SMS24/7’s years of addressing the hiring needs of over 80 companies.


Qian Li moved on to share the 3 main reasons why companies found it difficult to hire Singaporean workers in Singapore, and that got our participants nodding in unison as he explained the subtle Lottery Mentality behind the decision rationale in many companies. This proves again that these 3 reasons are commonly observed regardless of the industry. After realizing the root causes behind these reasons, Qian Li revealed the 3 actions that are commonly mistaken as countermeasures but are in fact, costly and ineffective. Amongst these 3 actions, it appears that through a quick survey on the spot, “Increasing Advertisement Prominence” was a popular action which did not yield much results. We decided to hold this seminar in conjunction with SPH exactly because we wanted companies to stop these practices and improve their dollar return for their hiring investments.

 SPH Seminar Jan 2015Qian Li addressing the audience

At this point in time, Qian Li proposed a short break and to everyone’s surprise, no one wanted one and were instead keen on learning more. We were more than happy to comply with this lovely audience one could only dream of.


Finally, it was time for the section that everyone had been waiting for – the Solution to say goodbye to the hiring challenges. They say the best way to visualize is to see a demonstration, and that’s exactly what we did. Besides this, Qian Li also shared some staggering statistics from case studies. Who would have expected that at least 38% of all applications would have been missed by traditional application methods?


As we neared the end of the session, Qian Li extended an invitation to the participants to sign up for a customized package for their needs. We were truly honored that following the Q&A session, nearly half of the candidates expressed a strong interest.


We are very thankful to SPH for hosting this seminar, and would also like to express our gratitude to the company representatives who took time off to attend this seminar. Some results from this seminar are already in the making, and we will be holding more of such seminars in our bid to be of assistance to more companies and more Singaporeans.

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