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Solving the mystery of Mobile Hiring - How to hire Singaporeans in Singapore


The Key Is Going Mobile

It Isn't About Internet VS SMS.

How many times have you checked your phone today?

Mobile is the most popular platform, and a mobile phone is also the closest object to a person nowadays.
We use it to play games, to communicate with friends, get all sorts of information...which includes jobs.

The reason is simple - A job applicant wants to get job information fast, and even more so, apply for the job more easily and quickly.

This is probably why job applications via web and app still remains troublesome for users.

A typical application process begins with registering as a user, writing a cover letter and sending in a resume, hoping and praying for someone to read it (most don't even get 5 minutes of attention). The wait continues for that someone to profile you and eventually contact you, by which time it could easily be DAYS TO MONTHS WASTED.

Job seekers don't want to spend a lot of time and effort to get jobs

Let's think a little more about non-office workers, many of whom form the majority of the society and need a job as soon as possible.
They can't wait for days or months, and THEY WON'T WAIT.
So by having a rather long hiring process, many companies are not able to hire efficiently for non-office workers

But imagine if they had an AUTOMATED system that operates on ALL DAYS (incl WEEKENDS) to help them.

  • Auto-basic interviews.
  • Auto-profiling.
  • Auto-forwarding.

So all they have to do instead is to wait for candidates to turn up for them to conduct the interviews, and hire from there.

One perfect example is Veronica (not her real name) who is a HR manager for a prominent F&B company.
Besides hiring and training, she is also responsible for retention as well as payroll.
As a result of her mountain-load of work, she could only leave office and reach home after her children are asleep.

To make matters worse, she could not meet the KPIs for any of her tasks and her subordinates showed signs of displeasure as they had to manually contact the applicants.
Some candidates even left scathing remarks about the hiring team, calling them insincere and not wanting to hire.

More and more white hair appeared on Veronica's head and that feeling of dissatisfaction built up over time.

If left in this state, Veronica would quit her job.

Thankfully, we met Veronica before that happened, and together with her and her team, we changed their operations flow to a highly automated walk-in format, powered by our SMS-based Auto-Response System.
From allowing the applicants to apply directly, to categorizing for easy viewing according to the positions and criteria (for example: a food handler would need to have attended the food hygiene course), to simple directions to the interview location, we largely automated these tasks via SMS.
For candidates who preferred to apply online, we helped to direct them to a single channel via SMS to streamline the process.

The improvements were literally a life-changer for Veronica.

  • Previously, she could barely hire 4-6 Singaporeans a month, and received less than 15 Singaporean applications a month.
  • She has since started leaving office around 6PM, and she even managed to hire so many Singaporean workers that they could open a new outlet.
  • Her bosses were pleased.
  • Her team felt that the tense atmosphere of chasing improbably KPIs suddenly turned into a realistic goal, with the daily intense challenge becoming a meaningful inspiration.

So you see, by cutting short the hiring process, automating some of the most arduous yet manual tasks, and most importantly, allowing these to happen via SMS, hiring Singaporeans in Singapore can cease to be a chore.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: (+65) 6407 7282

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