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Our service was introduced in an article hosted on HR in Asia.

Indeed, mobile hiring is a popular topic that is frequently associated with apps and smartphones. However, we should question beyond this layer to understand the user behavior, so as to efficiently design the process and methods to reach out to, receive, process and forward - essentially automating the most tedious tasks of the hiring process.

During the chat with the reporter from HR in Asia, I am even more convinced than before that our solution will benefit people in ASEAN. I gathered that people even as far as India rely on cell phones for quick communication, and hence the primary need is for speedy response for any service offered via the phone. Never would I have imagined that there are so many places that suffer from unstable connections and slow speeds to the extent that a smart phone is desirable for it's notably larger screen and superior camera functions, as compared to more traditional cell phones.

As such, SMS is the primary network in those areas to reach out and benefit more people.

Companies that do not adopt measures to selectively automate certain functions of their hiring process will see their HR team slowly get overworked, be less happy and may eventually crumble under the pressure.

I hope we will have a chance to help the HR professionals to improve their hiring efficiency and reduce their personal stress.

Moving on towards our big aim as always - From Singapore, To ASEAN and the World.


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