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Which tools do job seekers prefer when applying?


How do job seekers apply for your jobs?
By phone, email, messaging app, or web page?
In the past, phone calls and e-mails were the most common methods, but nowadays, messaging apps such as WhatsApp and QR codes that lead to web pages are becoming more common.

Which tool is the best for job seekers?

About half chose other than QR code

We recently implemented a new tool in our client's recruiting campaign.
In Singapore, TraceTogether was introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The system requires users to scan a QR code, and as a result, many people have become familiar with the use of QR codes.
Considering this situation, we decided to adopt a hybrid format that includes a QR code that leads to the web page in addition to the existing phone number for SMS, with the aim of making it more convenient for applicants.
Since our SMS phone number can also be used to receive calls, we offered three options to job seekers in this campaign: phone call, SMS, and QR code.

Which tools do job seekers prefer when applying?
The results of the breakdown of applicants who applied via each tool were 53% QR code, 29% phone and 18% SMS.
What we want to highlight as a take-away from this result is the fact that even when QR codes were available, nearly half of the people chose phone or SMS as an application tool.
One tool is not enough in terms of convenience for job seekers.

On the other hand, more tools means more work for your HR staffs.

Companies need to consider which tools to adopt based on these.

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