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You are missing out on lots of job applicants?!


Below is a report on the campaign for the 15 clients conducted in 2014.

Of the 15 companies that participated (yes, spaces were limited for that campaign and we’re sorry to have disappointed some…), we received nearly 1,000 unique applications in just ONE WEEK. Compare that to what a large F&B group shared with us (100 in a MONTH), and that’s almost 250% more results than usual.

What’s more incredible: 38% of all applications came OUTSIDE of office hours. Think before work, lunch time, after work. Imagine if it’d included meetings and breaks. That means our services helped 50% of all interested applicants have their applications considered.

One point worth mentioning in this article is that 38% of the job seekers in this campaign applied after business hours.
In order to investigate this point more deeply, we analyzed the data from 49,973 cases (2013-2021).

52% of job seekers came after business hours

The results showed that more than half of the applications came in after business hours.

More than half jobseekers applied after business time
Since our system can automatically handle applications 24 hours, we were able to collect all the candidates' information. If you were to accept applications over the phone, you would miss out on more than half of the applications. Furthermore, if you are unavailable during business hours due to meetings, you will miss even more candidates.

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