Just the other day, I was reflecting on an encounter.

I went for a late lunch at Subway and was greeted by the staff with a cheery “Welcome to Subway!”
“I’d like to have…Parmesan Oregano please.”
“Sure! Would that be 6-inch or would you prefer to have a foot-long sandwich today sir?”
“6-inch please.”
“Which vegetables can I get for you sir?”
“I’ll have them all…with some pepper please.”
“Would you like to have any sauce to go along with it sir?”
“No thank you, could you put some pepper for me please?”
“Definitely sir!”
“Would you like to have a cookie, yoghurt or some chips to go along with it?”
“Probably not today, I’ll be having it here.”
“Here you go sir, enjoy your meal!”

How pleasant this was.
I felt really welcome at this outlet and the staff’s cheery nature, polite words, and her meticulous attention made me feel assured.
It was as though a friend had asked me along for lunch, despite it being situated in the middle of a mall.

Now let’s translate that into an interview.

“Welcome to Company A.”
“I’d like to apply for a job please.”
“Sure, which position are you applying for?”
“I’d like to apply for Position B please.”
“Please tell me why you are applying for this job and share more on any relevant experiences.”
“… … …”
“That’s great. Do you have anything else to elaborate on?”
“No thank you, that’s all.”
“Great. We will get back to you soon. Have a nice day.”

And let’s translate that into an application process.

*Applicant calls the contact number provided by the company*
*Applicant receives a SMS within 15 seconds*
*Applicant is able to get answers to basic FAQs such as job descriptions, working hours automatically*
*Since it is all text-based with minimal/simple input, the applicant is able to complete all application steps without assistance*
*2 days before the interview, the applicant receives a reminder*
*While looking for the venue, the applicant can send a SMS to get specific instructions to the venue*

Won’t you agree that…
A warm, polite and meticulous process nets desirable results.

We have implemented this application process effortlessly for over 150 companies, and we are always looking to add value to more.

If you have any thoughts, or would like to discuss how we can collaborate together, feel free to drop me an email at


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Phone: 64381030
SMS: Send to 9297 8500 in the following format
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