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Performance-based Talent Acquisition Support Service

Your Gateway to Targeted Talent Acquisition

TalentCatcher leverages our original platform to acquire applications from targeted talent, revolutionizing your recruitment process with precision and ease.

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What issues "TalentCatcher" solves?

Issue 1

Wasted Cost

Costs for job advertisements that don’t lead to candidate acquisition
Performance-based fee with costs upon successful recruitment

Issue 2

Quick Quitting

Significant turnover of employees who resign shortly after being hired
Retention guarantee with no cost for cases of resignation within one month

Bring candidates who meet your hiring requirements to you

How to generate candidates?

Reach candidates through two channels, inbound and outbound

Features of "TalentCatcher"


Start hiring with zero cost

Our performance-based model allows you to kickstart your recruitment campaign at zero cost.
*Please note that an initial fee of $200 applies when you begin utilizing our service.

Acquire highly matched candidate

Our service allows you to connect only with candidates who meet your recruitmentrequirements.

F&B specialized

Only job seekers who want to work in F&B industry on the list

Wide range of candidates

SMS-based system allows you to reach a wide range of candidates


Initial fee


* This fee is incurred when you
   first start utilizing the service

Service Fee


* Performance-based
* 1 month retention guarantee
Payment conditions:
1. The engagement includes an Initial Fee and a Service Fee.
2. The Initial Fee must be paid within the specified timeframe as per the invoice issued after contract signing.
3. The Service Fee is contingent upon successful hiring.
4. The Service Fee becomes payable when the recruited candidate completes one month of employment.

Service step



Conduct meeting with clients to determine hiring requirements


Generate candidates utilizing both outbound and inbound channels


Notify you of applications and detailed information from candidates who meet the hiring requirements


Please contact the candidate to schedule an interview


Conduct the interview!


What characteristics are included in the hiring requirements?

Nationality, gender, age, work location, job position, experience and salary expectation

Is there any contingency fee?

No, there is no contingency fee.
Only initial fee and service fee will be costed.

Is there a cost for job seekers to use this service?

No, there is no cost for job seekers.

What will be the minimum contract period required to commit?

There is no minimum contract period.
You can stop and resume using service any time you need.

What is Initial Fee?

This fee is required for the first use of the service and is not required for the second or subsequent uses of the service.
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